Bridal Umbrellas & Parasols

bridal umbrellas

Bridal Umbrellas & Parasols

Bridal umbrellas and parasols are great for brides no matter the weather! Of course, it’s incredibly romantic for shots of the bride & groom.

Find a classy set for your wedding party and you can get some great pics, rain or shine! On a sunny day, a parasol will keep the bride and her bridesmaids cool, plus they add an elegant touch to the pictures.  If there’s a bit of rain falling, don’t worry! It’s considered good luck on your wedding day.  A set of super-cute umbrellas will give the bridal party some distinctive pics.

If the groomsmen are feeling irreverent, have them grab the bridal umbrellas for some fun shots!  Or outfit the groomsmen with larger umbrellas, so they can escort their bridemaids.

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